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Interview with a female North Korean defector – Life in North Korea

Authors: Cion Choi, Gabriella Kim, Nancy Kwon of the Amnesty Society

Date written: 28th November 2017


This article is an account from a former school teacher of North Korea, who lived in North Korea, China and is currently living in South Korea. Through her spectacular journey, she learnt to understand and articulate the hardships that North Korean refugees have to endure, especially how the minds of North Korean children are affected. Although the article touches on a very sensitive and emotional issue, there are some unexpected turns of laughter: the most surprising thing about South Korea for her was that everyone looks so pretty!


We have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to interview this strong, independent woman as part of the Amnesty society of NLCS Jeju. Focused on women’s rights, freedom and education in North Korea, this article is indeed more than just the usual speculations about the nation still under a veil.

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Off the Chairs – A new paradigm for local cooperation!

The Nine Goods Village Project has finally reached its pinnacle of success in the festival held on the 19th of May in the Nine Goods Chair Village, Han-gyeong-meon, Nak-chun-li.


This local festival was organised by students from North London Collegiate School, Jeju, a school that encourages service activities in collaboration with the local community, making an effective change to benefit both the students and the local population.

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Voice for the Voiceless

Hyunseo Noh Y9 Noro

4th Feb.2017.

Animals do not have a voice

If you ignore their suffering,

I will remind you of it.

If you don’t understand them,

I will translate.

If you don’t hear them,

I will be their voice,

You may silence them,

But you cannot silence me

As long as I live

– Anita Mahdessian –

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Cold-blooded Murder

— Nancy Kwon (Nayeon) Y11 Mulchat —

10th Jan. 2017.


The light was shining bright. Everyone seemed to be working hard under the hot sun. No one seemed to be complaining about their work or the boredom given from it. No one could stop, unless they were dead. The ‘mindless’ thought about their lives and wanted to end it as fast as they could. That was the point of everything: although they deeply and desperately desired to stop their lives, no one had enough courage to actually put that into action. They all suffered, but they couldn’t suffer enough to actually commit something they didn’t want to take responsibility in. Then who else could?

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Prologue to ‘A Universe’

— Scott Kim — (KIS)

There are dimensions in our rifted world. Cracks, holes, even scratches can distort a dimension. Our universe, is constructed of multi-dimensions, layers after layers, filled with infinite amount of reproducing ‘situations’. Each dimension that is constructed, contains rifts. Rifts are what makes “time” live. The more rifts there are, the more time flies. If an abnormal amount of rifts are spawned at the same dimension connecting to the other dimension, that dimension could be destroyed. There are dark sorcerers connecting rifts to other dimension, causing distortions. A lively, but unable sorcerer is venturing to tell this majestic tale of his feats.


The Incredibles (2004)


— Leo Roh — (KIS)

Cast:  Samuel L. Jackson, Spencer Fox, Craig T. Nelson, Jason Lee, Sarah Vowell and Holly Hunter.


Director : Brad Bird


Trailer :


Synopsis: Mr. Incredible and his wife, Elastigirl were one of the most famous superheroes in Metroville. Superheroes always saved people’s lives and fought against evil villains. However, after 15 years of their dedication to Metroville, they were forced to live normal lives with civilian identities. Superheroes had to live in suburbs where they had no choice but to retire as superheroes to live ordinary lives with their three children Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Tired of living ordinary and mundane lives, Mr. Incredible gets his chance when unknown communication invites him to a secret island. However, Mr. Incredible gets trapped and his whole family who are coming to rescue him are in danger.   Continue reading “The Incredibles (2004)”

Link to Storyjumper

By. Scott K. and Kirstie S.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 7.40.36 PM


The Princess and the Goblin

— Stella Choi G8 —

11th Feb. 2017.


Have you ever thought about the “underground world”? Did you ever wonder what creature lives there?


If you ever thought about those things, then you will love this book written by George Macdonald, because this book focuses on stories about the princess, who lives on the ground, and goblins, who live underground.

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— Andy Roh — (KIS)

The development of technology has left a new mark in the history of humanity. Since the outburst of inventions, especially the showcase of computers has really boosted the development of electronics. These advancement of electronics, including the smartphones has begun to rise to the surface from the year of 1992 with the extra boost from other companies such as Apple and Samsung. These smartphones opened a whole new field of technology which lead to the development of wireless product called bluetooth.

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