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December 2015

Inside Out

— Sarah Heejin Son Y10 Mulchat —



Yes, winter is here. But that’s no reason to stay inside.

“Let the winter wonderland begin.”

— Janice Jeonghyun Huh 12.12.15. —

Winter is often perceived as the most barren, bleak, and bare season of the year when the naked, withering trees guard the roads. Fearing the overwhelmingly frosty weather, people intend to hibernate in their homes while being blind to the authentic, exquisite beauty of winter. Continue reading “Yes, winter is here. But that’s no reason to stay inside.”

The Complexity of Personality

— Dain Ahn Y10 Geomun —

Our favourite animation film studio Pixar produced a film titled Inside Out a few months ago, a moving, emotional story that happens mostly inside the human mind. We can observe in this film a truly inventive idea of how human emotions work. There are five emotions living inside the girl Riley’s head, and together they control and strive to keep her mind happy and content. Continue reading “The Complexity of Personality”

The Triangular Slave Trade

— Alice Hwang 04.12.15. Y8 Jeoji —

스크린샷 2015-12-06 오후 5.11.51.png

The triangular slave trade was a trade route between three of the major ports around the Mediterranean. It significantly helped the merchants during that period as it transported supplies between the three countries. Continue reading “The Triangular Slave Trade”

Double Personalities

— Nayeon Kwon (Nancy) Y10 Mulchat —


Hello? Are you there? I hope you are. I really wish to end what we are now. You seem to be there all the time waiting to come out whenever you have the chance. You make my life miserable with all the pain increasing within me. Who am I? Who is to be me if I don’t know which one of us is real? I don’t trust myself anymore. I don’t trust what is going on. Are you me? Can I trust you to act on my own will? Or are you just a demon within me that is waiting to come out? I don’t know what we are. Continue reading “Double Personalities”

We are wheels, and we break when it breaks

— Alicia Hwang Y10 Sarah —


Same but different, different but same

— Andy Geein Kim Y10 Geomun —

same but different.png

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