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May 2016

Languages are like braces that connect the world together

— Heejin Sarah Son Y10 Mulchat —



River flows – Innocent eye

— Nayeon Kwon (Nancy) Y10 Mulchat —

19th May. 2016.

‘Whatever you do, just don’t do what I did. Okay?’

Those were the last words that I ever heard from my mother. Her face had been so pale and white like the princess in Snow White. I loved her face as she talked to me in that slight anxiety that I did not understand. Continue reading “River flows – Innocent eye”

Sky photo – A sizzling day

Photographer: Jihwan Kim

Sky photo-A sizzling day.jpg

The sun that calls for Coke

Photographer: Jihwan Kim

The sun that  calls for Coke.JPG

A product from Coca Cola that isn’t Coke

Photographer: Jihwan Kim

A product from Coca Cola that isn't Coke.JPG

A can of Coca Cola recreated with polygons

Photographer: Junhee Kim Y10 Jeoji

A can of Coca Cola recreated with polygons .png

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