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April 2016

Korea when there weren’t any plays

— Sarah Heejin Son Y10 Mulchat —



Cast and honour

Photographer: Chaeyeoun Min


Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Photographer: Chaeyeoun Min


Taken by theatre



Photography: Chaeyeoun Min

— Nancy Kwon (Nayeon) Y10 Mulchat —

21st Apr. 2016.


‘Now I shall follow my path to you, my love.’


The actor walked to the middle of the stage and hung his neck with the noose at the centre of the stage.

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Live Theatre


— Dain Ahn Y10 Geomun —

20th April. 2016.


A live theatre is an event where artists or actors perform live in front of the audience, presenting the experience of an event. Theatre performances are one of the countless ways people spend their leisure time, which was first started in ancient Greece. Such performances were first begun to honour Greek Gods and promote cultural identity in ancient Greece, a country that consisted of hundreds of small city-states. They still remain popular to this day. Continue reading “Live Theatre”

Theatrical mask – Imae Tal

— Andy Kim Y10 Geomun —


Don’t think that all is finished.

Photographer: Chaeeun Her Y10 Geomun


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