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December 2016

River flows – Escape from reality


— Nayeon Kwon (Nancy) Y11 Mulchat —

7th Oct. 2016.


 I tried to protest. I tried to run away. I tried to save myself. None of it worked. My purity and sanity vanished simultaneously. I had nothing left to live for. I had nothing left to mourn for. All that was left was emptiness. All that was left for me was the desire to see my mother. Continue reading “River flows – Escape from reality”


If I Were a Superhero’s Assistant


— Dayoung Kim Y7 Noro —

23rd Nov. 2016.


When I was 9 years old, I didn’t believe in the existence of superheroes. I thought that there was no reason to believe in superheroes; as far as I was concerned, superheroes were made-up characters that merely interested children, and no one else. When I became twelve, however, my opinion totally changed. I became a total fan of superheroes. Yes, it is implausible. Believe me, even I couldn’t understand myself. Continue reading “If I Were a Superhero’s Assistant”


— Jenny Juhee Kang Y9 Jeoji —


A ball with gloves

— Jenny Eunseo Lee Y7 Sarah —


Le Petit Empereur

— Andy Geein Kim Y11 Geomun —

le petit empereur.png

A girl and birds

— Joohee Kim Y9 Mulchat —

girl and bird.png


— Wonkyung Lee Y9 Jeoji —


Balcony Snaps!

Photographer: Minjune Eric Song

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