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November 2015

Zoomed in Beauty

— Hwayoung Jeong Y10 Geomun —



White Winter – Another meaning of White Winter

— Hannah Seo Y10 Jeoji —


Human Cloning

— Janice Janice Jeonghyun Huh Y10 Noro —


The world has achieved massive scientific development and has allowed convenience for humanity, but some cause ethical debates to this day – one of the most controversial dispute of the modern era is human cloning. Continue reading “Human Cloning”

Greatest Value of Humanity


— Irene Jung Y9 Jeoji —

On Nov. 25. 2015.


We often ask ourselves this question: Why are we here on Earth?

And yet, nobody can provide an answer it since WE DON’T KNOW. Which brings us to the second question: Then what are the things that we can do without finding the answer? Continue reading “Greatest Value of Humanity”

Discovering Lucy

— Nikki Lee Y10 Jeoji —

Remember this Google doodle recently?


On 25 th of November, 2015, Google established this doodle to their logo to celebrate the 41st anniversary of discovery of ‘Lucy ‘; a collection of bones that once formed a skeleton of a female Australopithecus afaraensis living in Ethiopia 3.2 million years ago. Continue reading “Discovering Lucy”

9/11 Terror Attack

— Chloe Moon Y10 Jeoji —

On September 11, 2001, an Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda carried out a suicide attack by crashing the planes into the World Trade Center Towers in New York. 19 men hijacked four fuel-loaded U.S. airline two hit the twin towers in New York and the other two hit the Pentagon in Washington D.C. and a field in. 9/11 attacks have caused significant amount deaths and destruction but is also symbolic for bringing fear and the idea of terrorism to US. Continue reading “9/11 Terror Attack”

A cute gif overviewing the effects in which the discovery of jewelery gives to different genders in a stereotypical way

— Sarah Son Y10 Mulchat —

Sarah Son.gif

Discovery In Ourselves

— Alice Hwang 20.11.15. —

How is discovery defined by most people? The vast majority would reply by stating that discovery is probably a geologist attempting to find out something interesting. It could also be a foundation of a new land. Then, what about the discoveries in ourselves? What new talents can you find in you? Investigating further into yourself helps develop and improve you mentally. In order to discover you, there are several steps to follow. Continue reading “Discovery In Ourselves”


— Janice Jeonghyun Huh 20.11.15. —

Can anyone dislike this captivating, inspiring musical about a young girl, who has an extreme enthusiasm towards reading, and then eventually becomes a hero?

Matilda, based on the prominent novel by Roald Dahl, is now available at SHN orpheum theatre from July to August. This British musical had previously been run by the Royal shakespeare company at Stratford-upon avon, and after gaining massive popularity and reputation, it finally began its USA tour this year. Continue reading “MATILDA”

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