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How many of you spend your time flicking through the news or looking at a piece of artwork every week or so? Probably not many. That is the reason why ‘World On Show’, a website full of creative material, is here for you to enjoy. With ‘World On Show’, you can look at various artworks and photographs in your free time whilst reading interesting stories and facts about the world through our articles.

As the name says, our website displays the world on show, reporting in easy, fun language, latest news about a different topic every week. There will be various pieces of artwork displayed on our website as well. Our themes can be virtually anything – from Harry Potter to Astronomy. You can check what our theme for the week is on the footer below.

In the footer, you can also see blog stats showing how many hits we’ve had since we were first published, as well as an archive containing all our articles per month. You can also see our recent posts on the home page and on the footer, as well as a search tool to look for any article/artwork in particular.

You can also look at the related box at the end of each article to read more around a similar topic. Be the first to share, like, or leave a reply on any of our posts! Some writers are producing a series of short stories that link to one another, so it might be worth looking at the related box for these stellar pieces.

Our crew will consist of students in high school only, from various international schools starting with NLCS Jeju and KIS Jeju. Please check our crew page for more information about what people exactly do on our entirely student led website.

You can also access our website through the NLCS Jeju Live App and our official school website, where we will be live-streaming our articles about once a week every week. Furthermore, our Facebook page, titled ‘World On Show’, is going to be displaying snippets of our articles and artworks and we will be notifying you about our themes and projects through this page. Don’t forget to press the like button!

We will always strive to produce insightful and entertaining artworks, photographs and articles! Earn both knowledge and fun in a big packet here on our website.

Welcome to world on show.

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