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January 2016

Johnny Depp – 100% fiction


— Nayeon Kwon (Nancy) Y10 Mulchat—

28th Jan. 2016.


What should I write about Johnny Depp? Perhaps a mix of his movies and his roles might create a nice story for you to feed on. One major thing. This is a fiction created from the writer, from the list of movies starred by Johnny Depp. Please do not consider this as a work against Johnny Depp. Continue reading “Johnny Depp – 100% fiction”


The Couple

written by Jihyun Hwang 29.01.16.

Johnny Depp, a famous American actor, producer, and musician, got married to Amber Heard on their very own private island in the Bahamas on the 7th of February, 2015. Continue reading “The Couple”


— Andy Kim Y10 Geomun —



— Allie Lee Y10 Jeoji —


The Raspberry Rules

— Dain Ahn Y10 Geomun —

16th January 2016


“Rule No. 1: I will be a NEW, IMPROVED, NON-ANNOYING ME!”

–From the Raspberry Rules by Karen McCombie


Am I really annoying? Has my best friend ditched me?

These are the thoughts going through the head of Rowan Love, a sparkly, deliciously bizarre girl full of quirks. Continue reading “The Raspberry Rules”


— Alicia Hwang Y10 Sarah —




Two holding hands

— Geein Kim Y10 Geomun —


Subsided embroidered patterns on hands to illustrate peace

— Sarah Son Y10 Mulchat —


Peace in ‘Trout’

— Nayeon Kwon (Nancy) Y10 Mulchat —

12th Jan. 2016.


 Have you ever thought about peace from a different point of view? How it might be seen from the view of different animals, or even insects? This is a story written on the viewpoint of the moth being eaten by the trout in Seamus Heaney’s poem.

Continue reading “Peace in ‘Trout’”

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