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Visual Art

Sleepless Night

— Geein Kim —

Sleepless night - Geein Kim.png



— Won Kyung Lee —

girl_smiling - WonKyung Lee.png

A Schnauzer

— Jeewoo Park —

A schnauzer by Jeewoo Park.png

Holding the Universe

— Ju Hee Kang —

Universe - Juhee Kang.png

A boy drawing stars…

— Joohee Kim —

boy_drawing_stars - Joohee Kim.png

Pinkish Purple

— Ju Hee Kang —

pinkish_purple juhee kang.png

Why so lonely… (poster remake)

— Michelle Kim —

Why So Lonely - Michelle Kim G9.png

Disney Princesses

— Ruby Kim —

Disney Princesses - Ruby Kim G8.jpg

Recognise him?

— Jung Hwan Kil (Johnny) —

Park Bo Gum (Johnny) Jung Hwan Kil.jpg

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