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November 2016

Space Food!

Photographer: Jihwan Kim



Watching you…

Photographer: Jihwan Kim


I’m standing here lonely.

Photographer: Jihwan Kim


Nature of Jeju – school, garden…and more!

Photographer: Jihwan Kim

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The Night of the Magician

— Andy Geein Kim Y11 Geomun —

마법사의 밤.png

River flows – Gone with the wind

— Nancy (Nayeon) Kwon Y10 Mulchat —

16th Jun. 2016.

Everyone is staring at me. This world that lies next to me is slowly shrinking, reducing its size till it squeezes up right beside me, making me unable to move, unable to leave, unable to escape from this horror that surrounds my body. Continue reading “River flows – Gone with the wind”

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