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October 2016

Life as a North Korean Refugee – the Real Story


— Cion Choi Y11 Geomun

27th Oct. 2016.


Introduced below is a real interview of a North Korean refugee who is currently living in South Korea. His words have enlightened and inspired a lot of us. Our motivation to help North Korean refugee settlement in South Korea is lit up – the story has moved our hearts. I hope by reading this, you will be able to feel the same. Please note that these sentences are translations of his words, which were delivered in Korean. The interview explains his journey and his experiences, as well as the emotions that this resilient man has felt along the way. These are his words… Continue reading “Life as a North Korean Refugee – the Real Story”


River flows – Merry-go-around

— Nancy (Nayeon) Kwon Y11 Mulchat —

30th Sept. 2016.


 I spent years going around different houses, that seemed to care for me at first, but slowly gave up as I never attempted to communicate with them. I didn’t want to talk, nor did I wish to reveal my inner feelings to them. Because they never learned my name, they called me ‘Merry’, hoping that I would one day be as cheerful as how they would call me. Continue reading “River flows – Merry-go-around”

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