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Our Crew includes students from age groups ranging from Year 8 to Year 10. They are all very creative, intelligent, insightful and determined people who will be writing/drawing/advertising/editing for you to enjoy. This website is going to be a forum for these students to express their opinions freely as well as summarizing some key events happening around the world. Different people have different roles:

  • Editor in Chief/Content Manager: proofreads all the articles before they are put up on the website. Also, manages the website as a whole. (uploads, design etc.) Leads the crew and sets up meetings and schedules.
  • Editors: read the 1st draft articles and edit them.
  • KIS Outreach: helps the Editor in Chief to communicate with members in Korea International School Jeju, to ensure students in KIS can participate as actively as students in NLCS Jeju.
  • Visual Artists: produce any kind of artwork that is related to the theme. Literally any kind of artwork. (e.g. abstract drawing, flow chart, concept diagram, sculpture, photography, photoshop) Also, they add a one line caption to their drawing to explain it’s purpose and content.
  • Visual Artist Head: makes sure that the captions are understandable and that the artworks are uploaded onto the google drive in high-quality.
  • Writers: write about an issue hot in the media (e.g. news, magazines, movies) related to the theme in any writing style (e.g. poetry, book review, news summary)  
  • Photographers: take eye-catching, interesting photos for every theme to illustrate the writers’ articles
  • The Marketing Team: advertises the website as much as possible in many ways. Their ultimate aim is to make you aware of all the amazing articles and artworks being uploaded to our website. 
  • Marketing Team Head: basically leads the marketing crew. He/she chair discussions, and be the communication bridge between the team, myself, and Mr Taylor.

Fulfilling these different roles perfectly well, our crew continues to produce astounding work. Here we present the ‘World On Show’ crew:

  • Editor in Chief/Content Manager: Cion Choi
  • Editors: Ivy Park, Gabriella Kim
  • KIS Outreach: Irene Jung
  • Visual Artist Head: Andy Kim
  • Visual Artists: Andy Kim, Heejin Son, Wonkyung Lee, Jeewoo Park, Minsung Kang, Joohee Kim, Jenny Juhee Kang, Jessica Nam Kyung Kim, Johnny Kil, Michelle Kim, Soomin Oh, Justin Kim, Ruby Kim
  • Writers: Nancy Kwon, Dain Ahn, Nakyung Song, Bohyun Moon, Seohyun Shin, Juhee Kang, Hyunseo Noh, Dayoung Kim, Irene Jung, Andy Roh, Leo Roh, Scott Kim, Stella Choi
  • Photographers: Minjune Eric Song, Chaeeun Her, Jihwan Kim, Chaeyeoun Min, Wonkyung Lee, Bohyun Moon, Jessica Nam Kyung Kim, Jenny Eunseo Lee, Michelle Kim, Jehee Ko, Sebin Chin, Junhee Kim (GAFL – Gyeonggi Academy of Foreign Languages)
  • Marketing Team Head: Hojin Jang
  • The Marketing Team: Hojin Jang, Juhee Kim, Jaesung Kim, Helen Joung

Special thanks to Mr. Taylor as well for helping us launch this website.