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October 2015

A watercolour illustration portraying loneliness and distorted reality of reaching for the top, or, the sky

What's up there

— Alicia Hwang Y10 Sarah —


A computer drawing of a Déformer character and the night sky

sky full of dream

— Andy Geein Kim Y10 Geomun —

A Short Time To Relax

— Alice Hwang Y8 Jeoji  —

  Do you have time at all during the week to relax and to have a chat with others? Nowadays people are busy staring at their phones, texting their friends, playing games, and going on Facebook. Before technology had developed, when people did not have phones, people had time to relax, lying on the ground, staring at the sky. Continue reading “A Short Time To Relax”

Things not to miss in the sky before the Autumn ends!

— Nikki Lee Y10 Jeoji —

These days, the weather seems to be getting cooler every day. It is depressing, since Autumn is my favorite season- not only because of the beautiful colored trees but also because stargazing in Autumn is phenomenal with hints of the season’s change.   Continue reading “Things not to miss in the sky before the Autumn ends!”

The dark gray sky: the story of a young girl

— Nancy Nayeon Kwon Y10 Mulchat —

“Ross recalled one particularly agonizing interview with a girl who kept telling him, ‘I can’t wait to get out of here so I can kill myself.’”

(CNN, ‘Girls behind bars tell their stories’, March 27 2015)

-This is a story inspired from the article above-

Continue reading “The dark gray sky: the story of a young girl”

The Best Way to Learn

Homo Sapiens, otherwise known as a species of “wise people,” are incomparable with the known species of any other living organism on Earth. The capability to think “wisely” was the only advantage we ever had in this world of natural selection where continuous evolutions were happening in order to struggle for survival. Continue reading “The Best Way to Learn”

The Best Definition of Learning

What is learning? Some people define it as the act of learning new knowledge, and some people say that every moment in our life is a part of learning. These definitions are all correct since everything that makes our thoughts develop is the process of learning. Continue reading “The Best Definition of Learning”

Learning Games is effective

Elena Malykhina says “Some herald this gamification of education as the way of the future and a tool that allows students to take a more active role in learning” in her article called ‘Fact or Fiction? : Video Games Are the Future of Education’. Continue reading “Learning Games is effective”

How the Finnish education sparkles

Just imagine: somewhere in this world, there is a country where children officially do not start school until they reach the age of 7. All schools are 100% state funded, and the students in this country rarely take exams nor do they receive much homework until they become a teenager. There is only one existing test compulsory for all teenagers, taken when they reach the age of 16. During the 6 years of education they receive, they are never given grades. Continue reading “How the Finnish education sparkles”

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