The Nine Goods Village Project has finally reached its pinnacle of success in the festival held on the 19th of May in the Nine Goods Chair Village, Han-gyeong-meon, Nak-chun-li.


This local festival was organised by students from North London Collegiate School, Jeju, a school that encourages service activities in collaboration with the local community, making an effective change to benefit both the students and the local population.

The Nine Goods Project team has been in action from 2016, with the aim of developing the chair village as a major tourist site in Seogwipo. The team has initiated various activities such as designing and painting chairs, cleaning the village, and advertising the village through social media, culminating in a festival held in May.


On the day, over 1000 Junior school students from the GEC, their parents, around 100 volunteers and many Senior and Junior teaching staff attended the festival, eating delicious food from the bazaar and watching splendid performances from a visiting violinist, the village band, the Junior Jazz band, the Senior school bands and many more.


Events such as the ghost house and water gun fights were of popular interest, leaving one of our volunteers drenched in water from top to toe, and still smiling through it all with the laughing children. Also when moving big boxes or water balloons, all volunteers were very cooperative and positive even when it was tiring or difficult.


It was this festival through which students learned the importance and benefit of collaboration and creativity, as well as benefiting the local community by advertising the chair village even further, consolidating its position as a rising tourist site in Jeju. The festival ended as a huge success, and the member of the Jeju provincial assembly visited and congratulated the significance of the festival.


The Nine Goods Project team is aiming to organise a second festival in the village next academic year, in the hopes of raising even more awareness of local agriculture and tourism.


*This festival could not have been possible without the help of Ms Shin, Mr Gillings, Mr Im and Mr Machin. The project team would like to express sincere gratitude for their efforts.


Article written by Cion Choi, Mina You


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