— Andy Roh — (KIS)

The development of technology has left a new mark in the history of humanity. Since the outburst of inventions, especially the showcase of computers has really boosted the development of electronics. These advancement of electronics, including the smartphones has begun to rise to the surface from the year of 1992 with the extra boost from other companies such as Apple and Samsung. These smartphones opened a whole new field of technology which lead to the development of wireless product called bluetooth.

As the humans began to pursue the ‘best technology’, people began to turn their eyes on, what was called “wireless”. This mind-blowing feature of technology was not even considered as possible before 1998, but it was invented to offer security, low power consumption, high speed, and compatibility between any bluetooth devices which was the goal of consortium companies including the Bluetooth special interest group. These companies were not only interested in technology, they were also looking for a catchy and meaningful name for the device. In 1997, just before it was marketed into public, an inventor “Jim Kardach” who took part in the process has came up with a surprising name, taken from the king who united the Danish tribes. As Jim Kardach was reading a historical novel “The Long Ships” by Frans G. Bengtsson which talked about the king Bluetooth, he suggested of using the name because of the similarity between the king and the device itself. He implemented how king Bluetooth united different tribes and cultures, just like how bluetooth unites different radio frequencies into universal standard. Which later on got selected as the name, which became an ‘universal name’ for the technology.

Even though bluetooth can be found in millions of products, one might ask the principles of the device and how it works. The bluetooth device works by using radio waves instead of cables or wires to connect two different devices. Bluetooth operates at frequencies between 2402 and 2480 MHz, or 2400 and 2483.5 MHz including two different MHz on the top and bottom. Out of 79 channels that one device is radiating the device automatically pairs with other device, sharing the information through the specific channel. Through bluetooth, the connection is never lost as the device automatically finds the best channel to connect out of the 79 channels which is also called as spread-spectrum frequency hopping technique. When the two devices are locked by the shared channel, they form a mini computer network called piconet. Inside the piconet, it divides into two different categories which are the owner and slave. The owner such as the computer controls the slave which can be a speaker or a earphone in order to function. These high quality features of technology lead to the development of bluetooth products throughout  the entire electronic markets.

The idea of wireless impacted numerous parts of technology. This impact was so strong that it started a whole different market of electronics. Almost everything that was once compatible with the cables has turned into a wireless product. The most influenced devices were speakers, earphones, mouse, laptop, and smartphones. These huge change has turned the daily lives of humans upside down. Just about 10 years ago, the idea of wireless didn’t even exist. In 10 years time, I wonder what kind of development will further occur in the course of humanity.