— Stella Choi G8 —

11th Feb. 2017.


Have you ever thought about the “underground world”? Did you ever wonder what creature lives there?


If you ever thought about those things, then you will love this book written by George Macdonald, because this book focuses on stories about the princess, who lives on the ground, and goblins, who live underground.

Bored to play with her nanny Lootie, Princess Irene explores her house. At one side of her room, she finds a door that leads to a set of stairs that lead to a hallway full of doors. Prompted by curiosity, Princess Irene explores the hallway and opens a door where she meets a mysterious grandmother, whose name is also Irene.


One day, Princess Irene and Lootie gets lost at a mountain. Princess Irene was not supposed to be out late, so Lootie worries that she might be punished if she didn’t bring Princess Irene back to the palace. Then, a boy named Curdie appears and helps Princess Irene and Lootie to get back to the palace.


Then, the story about Curdie begins. Curdie is an earnest miner. One evening, during mining, Curdie hears the goblin speaking. Curdie follows the goblin and finds the secret headquarters of goblins. At there, Curdie finds out the goblins’ weakness is their feet, and that goblins are trying to attack the palace and the princess. The reason is because people on the ground sent goblins into exile in the past,.


The goblins notice that Curdie heard their secret conversation, thus they capture Curdie and put him at the jail. The thread given to Princess Irene by grandma Irene leads Princess Irene to Curdie, and Princess Irene releases Curdie.


Two of them safely arrives at the palace, and Curdie informs people in the palace that goblins will attack the palace soon. All of the people successfully evacuates, and they successfully block the attack of goblins.


This book was very fun, and when you read Curdie’s story, you can feel as if you are also traveling with him. I highly recommend this book to people who like fantasic and vivid stories.