— Nancy (Nayeon) Kwon Y10 Mulchat —

16th Jun. 2016.

Everyone is staring at me. This world that lies next to me is slowly shrinking, reducing its size till it squeezes up right beside me, making me unable to move, unable to leave, unable to escape from this horror that surrounds my body.

What am I expected to do with all these intruders in my life? They keep on asking questions that I do not wish to answer, and keep on naggering me about my life before. Their touch sends shivers through my spine, and makes me cringe.

She never made me shiver. She never scolded me like this, but she never bothered me as these wicked men are doing right now. Oh, please. I want to get away from these ‘kind and generous’ murderers of my life. I want to return to my mother. Although I have hated her before, I want to get her back. I want her to cuddle me, and tell me that everything is all-right. That everything will be all right with her taking care of me in her arms, hiding me from this world that tortures me.

This world is one giant maze of terror for me with each turn revealing a corner full of events that I cannot escape from, nightmares that follow me in every path. Every night is a dream, a dream that I horribly wish to wake up from. This maze blocks me from returning to my original happiness: The life I had with my beautiful mother, whom the men in this wretched prison describe as a witch, a criminal, a demon who was holding a young child in a room as hostage.

I don’t believe them at all. I couldn’t trust them the moment they came up to me. They caught me standing out there alone, whilst I enjoyed the view of the new world that I discovered behind my mother’s legs. The bright light had blinded me for a moment, and the air full of smoke and yellow dust had filled my unadapted throat and pushed me to the ground, unconscious. A passerby found me lying there in the ground, and took me to the hospital.

I never knew what happened after that. I woke up in a white room, where the smell of alcohol blocked my thought process. Lots of different people came up to me talking. They frustrated me. I couldn’t answer to any of their questions. Their faces froze and darkened as they looked at me and I could see their mouths moving whenever they turned back. Their smirks terrified me. Then they dressed me up and took me to a giant white building.

I had to stand in front of a lot of men in black suits. They took me to stand in front of a wooden desk and wait. My mom got dragged in right after me. She cried hysterically, waving her arms towards me, whaling in a voice that I never heard her use before. Her fear was quite clear from her expression as she wept tears that streamed down her eyes.


I tried to go to her, to hug her and reassure her that everything was okay. But the men held me down, and talked about things that I couldn’t understand. Yet I could see my mother’s face being contorted to the point of no return as the procedure continued on.

‘Thereby we declare Sarah Minchin as guilty of kidnapping …. and sentence her to prison for … and the child to be sent to a foster home…’

The sound of the gavel being tapped on the wooden desk echoed in the great room. My mom was then carried over to the other side, with her arms flailing over, trying to grab me. She cried out in a desperate voice.

‘Loraine, oh Loraine, please, be safe. Live as happily as you can. Just promise me one thing. Whatever you do, just don’t do what I did. Okay?’

The door closed in front of her face. I stared blankly at the door that stood as a barrier between me and her. I wanted to see her again. I never could.

I begged the men to take me to my mom. They told me that they were protecting me from the horrible witch that held me down from seeing the world. They told me that they were my guardian angel, trying to guide me to the light of the world. They ordered me not to look for my mother any longer. I followed their advice, scared that they would harm me otherwise. Their scowls were full of worries and disgust that I could not read. I couldn’t understand them, whilst I had to, in order to survive from reality.