written by Jihyun Hwang 29.01.16.

Johnny Depp, a famous American actor, producer, and musician, got married to Amber Heard on their very own private island in the Bahamas on the 7th of February, 2015. They were married under a white flower strewn marquee on the beach of Little Hall’s Pond Cay – Amber Heard was wearing a long white gown that reached the floor, with Johnny Depp wearing a neat tuxedo jacket with a black tie, standing next to her, holding hands tightly. After the wedding, the guests (there weren’t that many of them) congratulated the newly wed couple, and afterwards they could explore the private island, tanning on the white beach, going snorkelling, and so on.

The weather on the day of their wedding was beautiful. It was very romantic and according to the guests invited, the couple’s choice to get married on an island turned out to be an excellent one. They dubbed this couple as ‘madly in love.’ The island, 45-acre in size, was purchased by Johnny Depp 11 years ago. Although the ones who were getting married were popular and gathered lots of attention, the actual event itself was nothing so special. The bride did her own make up and hair, and did the groom.

This marriage gathered public interest not only because of the fact that Johnny Depp was the groom, but also due to the extreme age difference between him and Amber Heard. When they got married, the bride was 28 years old and the groom was 51 years old. During an interview, Amber revealed that despite the fact that Depp was 23 years her senior, he was a great husband and that the two got along with each other very well.

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