— Dain Ahn Y10 Geomun —

16th January 2016


“Rule No. 1: I will be a NEW, IMPROVED, NON-ANNOYING ME!”

–From the Raspberry Rules by Karen McCombie


Am I really annoying? Has my best friend ditched me?

These are the thoughts going through the head of Rowan Love, a sparkly, deliciously bizarre girl full of quirks.

The Raspberry Rules is book woven together by Karen McCombie, a diary of a wonderfully silly thirteen-year-old girl, Rowan Love. Rowan’s the type of girl who fawns over glitter, covers herself in sequins and wears sweet-wrapper hair grips to school.

But under the animated, spirited image, there’s a Rowan terribly unsure of herself, who feels that she’s the fifth wheel wherever she goes; she sees herself as an annoying and abnormal freak. And she’s constantly paranoid that her best friend Erin is tiring of her, and moving onto other, more ‘normal’ friends. In short, she hasn’t found peace with her own self yet.

She makes rules to change what she is – she tries to turn herself into a person she believes is less annoying and more normal. To give you the story in a nutshell, she fails utterly. It discourages and causes her to feel awfully downhearted – at least until she meets Miss Boyle, a teacher who brings the sparkle back into her life.


Rowan undergoes a series of events that make up her mind to get rid of all the pesky rules she has set up for herself and comes up with a one-and-only Raspberry Rule – to be happy.

And that’s what each and everyone’s rule for life should be – to endeavor to be absolutely and completely happy. And to do this, one must first make peace with whoever they actually are and not fight to fit themselves into the status quo.