“Let the winter wonderland begin.”

— Janice Jeonghyun Huh 12.12.15. —

Winter is often perceived as the most barren, bleak, and bare season of the year when the naked, withering trees guard the roads. Fearing the overwhelmingly frosty weather, people intend to hibernate in their homes while being blind to the authentic, exquisite beauty of winter.


Surprisingly though, there’s more to winter than you can see. Summer blatantly indicates its healthfulness; we have dark, tanned skin and wear shorts, crop tops and alluring sunglasses. However, in winter, even if we cover our body with ceaseless layers of clothing, heat somewhat escapes from us. It feels as if our nose is paralysed, and even before gaining consciousness, our teeth chatters. However, remember, “there’s more to winter than meets the eyes”. The cold is actually good for your health, so stop whining.


Isn’t it surprising that chilly air can also help to keep our weight down. Researchers from the Netherlands published evidence in Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism, which tells us about the concealed power that chilly air possesses. Our bodies do not undergo changes when we are exposed to the same temperature for a certain period of time. However, when cold air is breathed in, our metabolic systems are galvanised to carry out activities and build up the energy for keeping the core temperature up. Cold temperature allows our bodies to burn more calories overall by serving as a metabolic catalyst.


Another study is released in Diabetes that breathing in cool air also minimises the possibility of developing diabetes itself. Moreover, our bodies have few different sort of fats : adipose, subcutaneous and white. Cool temperature provides an adequate environment for brown fats to serve to remove white fat of your body.


These are only tiny bits of the optimistic sides of the winter. I am just here to suggest – try to forget the warm, soothing breezes and varicoloured leaves from autumn. It’s time for pitch- black nights and scintillating sparkles of the snow.