— Dain Ahn Y10 Geomun —

Our favourite animation film studio Pixar produced a film titled Inside Out a few months ago, a moving, emotional story that happens mostly inside the human mind. We can observe in this film a truly inventive idea of how human emotions work. There are five emotions living inside the girl Riley’s head, and together they control and strive to keep her mind happy and content.


In her mind, Riley also has ‘Islands of Personality’, such as Family Island and Friendship Island. They form her nature, her personality.


Inside Out is undoubtedly a wonderfully creative and ingenious work of art. It takes its audience on an emotional rollercoaster. However, it portrays human personality as something rather straightforward. In Inside Out, personality is expressed as something good or bad, black or white, when in reality, it’s much more complex and difficult to glean a description of.


Personality is, according to the Oxford dictionary, ‘the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.’ A person’s personality is a complicated thing, comprised of all sorts of different traits and characters. No two personalities can be perfectly identical, for it is the very factor that sets one apart from others. It’s built through your whole life; your experiences, the books you read, the friends you befriend all contribute to a part, whether it’s large or little, of your personality. So in truth, one’s personality is extremely labyrinthine and difficult to put your finger on.


Personality being the complex and unique thing it is, a lot of people attempt to change, or at least conceal their personalities from others in order to ‘fit in’ with them. If people do this, I ask you, what is the point in having a personality? After all, it’s there to show your difference, your uniqueness from others.