— Irene Jung Y9 Jeoji —

On Nov. 25. 2015.


We often ask ourselves this question: Why are we here on Earth?

And yet, nobody can provide an answer it since WE DON’T KNOW. Which brings us to the second question: Then what are the things that we can do without finding the answer?


Fortunately, we CAN answer the second question. It is to ‘allow people to be happy without any suffering’. This is the ultimate value that we need to pursue.


These days, many people around the world are caught by fear. This is because of some horrible incidents were ensued by terrorism. For example, a few days ago, Paris was attacked by ISIS, which caused more than a hundred of casualties.


Terrorism is one of the biggest problems in the modern society. It kills and traumatizes many people damaging the right to happiness in this world.


Fear is one of the necessary feelings of humanity, or perhaps, of every living organism. It is the feeling of warning which keeps us alive. Yet, it is harmful to posses fear within us continuously because fear eradicates other positive feelings such as happiness and joyfulness. It leads humanity to the hell of suffering.


Therefore, it’s very important to eradicate excessive fear and make this world a positive place where happiness is felt by as many people as possible. We don’t yet know how to achieve this, but it’s an undeniable fact that it is what everyone should aim for.