— Janice Jeonghyun Huh 20.11.15. —

Can anyone dislike this captivating, inspiring musical about a young girl, who has an extreme enthusiasm towards reading, and then eventually becomes a hero?

Matilda, based on the prominent novel by Roald Dahl, is now available at SHN orpheum theatre from July to August. This British musical had previously been run by the Royal shakespeare company at Stratford-upon avon, and after gaining massive popularity and reputation, it finally began its USA tour this year.

The original music in this musical is composed based on the story – a tale of a young girl, neither innocent nor immature, rather incredibly precocious. Her exceptional cleverness and talent is unnoticed by the carefree parents and treated with extreme disregard. Mrs.Wormwood, the self-engrossed mother and Mr.Wormwood, the fraud car salesman, never acknowledge the fact that Matilda is their daughter and their affection is entirely focused on her brother, although he lacks intelligence. They feel revulsion towards Matilda’s love of learning, and therefore Matilda is sent to the ruthless Miss Trunchbull. Fortunately, Miss Honey, a good-hearted teacher, recognizes the gem of Matilda’s mind and together, they struggle to fight against their enemies.

Children are targeted as the audience in this musical, as it can be noticed from the main actor, who is young. The musical has used a lot of props and settings that are familiar to the young elementary school students. The story is based on the academics, therefore the younger children may easily form a bond of empathy with Matilda. However, sometimes the musical forms a horrifying atmosphere through the usage of strong lightings and sounds, thus this may frighten some youngsters.