— Alice Hwang 20.11.15. —

How is discovery defined by most people? The vast majority would reply by stating that discovery is probably a geologist attempting to find out something interesting. It could also be a foundation of a new land. Then, what about the discoveries in ourselves? What new talents can you find in you? Investigating further into yourself helps develop and improve you mentally. In order to discover you, there are several steps to follow.

First, love yourself, trust yourself, and take pride in yourself. Don’t fear of making mistakes. When there is a strong belief, confidence follows. Take risks, as there is no specific answer to anything; what you say could be the answer. As you begin to challenge yourself, you can start to find out new talents in you that were hidden over your life. Many people stress out because they feel useless, but by loving themselves, one can become the star of the next generation.

In addition, always look forward to challenges in your life. Sometimes, things will be hard and it could turn out to be something that you did not expect. However, do not try to find a shortcut or live an easy life. As you push and challenge yourself, you can find your true talent. Even though you might not be exceptionally good in a particular area, you can then try out many different things.

It is not always easy to discover something. The discovery people usually think of is not the only aspect of that word, and discovering yourself is the key to becoming a more confident and proud person.