— Irene Jung Y9 Jeoji —

— Nov. 12. 2015. —

As we get older, we have more work to do. As we receive more work to do, time management skills become very important. Time management is one of the skills that we need for the rest of our lives because our next step of life including college and work will provide us lots of work to manage.

I collected some information and tips about the time management from many different friends. Lily Lee (Y9) stated that that she writes important schedules and events on her hand and complete those works within few hours. “It helps to remember and finish important works.” Lily says. “Also, since I get to see my hands a lot, I can keep reminding myself and do the works during break”. In addition, she said that she tries to make most out of planner that the school provided by making important notes in it.

Chloe Han (Y9) said that she often simulates her works in her head when the weekend starts and estimate the hours that would take for her to finish it. “I try to make the time distribution plan at the start of weekend and finish the works. After I’ve done it, I get free time!” she said.

Like this, there are many simple but useful time management tips that you can collect around you. It is also very important to use things that are given to us (e.g. planner) wisely to make good plans.

Let’s start to learn how to use our time efficiently! This skill will help us a lot!