— Chloe Moon Y10 Jeoji —

“Time management,” is the act of planning and dividing up the time you spend on each subjects. It is an important skill because it increases the productivity and efficiency. This also leads to a better reputation, less stress and a greater chance to approach your goals.

To develop the skill of time management, you need to set up the goals, prioritize them, divide up the time and try it. You should not excessively make a plan that you are not likely to achieve because you need some time to rest, not work all the time. You should structure your time wisely and after trying out the first plan reflect on whether you did your work efficiently. If you did not, then change your plan to increase your efficiency and proficiency. Make specific goals for a specific time for each activity. Choosing the place where you can maximize your concentration and not be distracted would be helpful. The places where it is not home or with no friends are near by is likely to increase your focus. Use your free time such as when walking or riding the subway, reading books or listenting to the news.

By learning the skills of time management and get used to the methods, you will be a professional on something. You will earn something worthy by using time effectively. This will benefit your life and lead you towards your goal a step closer.