— Nikki Lee Y10 Jeoji —

These days, the weather seems to be getting cooler every day. It is depressing, since Autumn is my favorite season- not only because of the beautiful colored trees but also because stargazing in Autumn is phenomenal with hints of the season’s change.  

Autumn is under way in the Northern Hemisphere. Some constellations that are very well placed in the night sky is the “Summer Triangle “, an isosceles figure with three stars of Vega, Altair and Deneb. It may be weird as it is called the ‘summer’ triangle when summer seems to be long gone. But during the summer months the Triangle is visible all night from dusk to dawn whereas during autumn, the evenings grow colder as this configuration sinks lower and lower to the west.

During the late evening hours, the stars of the autumn season cover much of the eastern and southern parts of the sky. In fact, it is called the “Celestial Sea” because of the numerous constellations of water. (ex. Aquarius )

Another interesting aspect of the autumn sky is the main star in Piscis Austrinus which is the 18th brightest star in the sky! Though this star is somewhat isolated in an empty region, it is significant in a way that it is 19 times more luminous than the sky.

In the cities, and even in Jeju, stars seem to be getting fader. Perhaps we should look up to the sky more often and gaze at the stars that shine upon us, to remind us of something beautiful that is being forgotten.