— Alice Hwang Y8 Jeoji  —

  Do you have time at all during the week to relax and to have a chat with others? Nowadays people are busy staring at their phones, texting their friends, playing games, and going on Facebook. Before technology had developed, when people did not have phones, people had time to relax, lying on the ground, staring at the sky. There used to be times when people could actually see the shooting stars for real, without having to look up articles about it online. The sky is a very nice view to watch when people feel unhappy, or stressed out. As the world turned into a place with plenty of screens and new technology, people no longer watch the beautiful sceneries, and instead, they spend all their time on the internet. These people do not realise, nor do they understand, that staring at the screen makes them unhealthy both physically and mentally. Sky is another type of screen, which can replace the electronic screen people all have nowadays.

  Now, imagine that you are watching the sky – it is not the night sky, but a bright sunny sky. You can see birds and other creatures that you haven’t noticed while spending time with your electronics. Sometimes, airplanes pass by, and the mixture of the sound of the airplane and the animals go well together. What can you feel out of all this? Freedom.

  Let’s take a step out of this very technological place and relax, spending our time looking at the sky. What you will find is a very different and a new world.

22nd Oct. 2015.