Homo Sapiens, otherwise known as a species of “wise people,” are incomparable with the known species of any other living organism on Earth. The capability to think “wisely” was the only advantage we ever had in this world of natural selection where continuous evolutions were happening in order to struggle for survival.

However, this ability to think “wisely” is meaningless without education and learning. The ability to learn is indeed essential to protect yourself in a cybernetic society where knowledge is power and eventually, everything. Thus, knowing the most efficient way to learn something is the shortcut towards as easy survival and hence, an easier life.

The Federal Institute of Education Sciences conducted a research which proved that most students usually retained approximately 8% of the knowledge received from their lessons after a week or so. The Association for Psychological Science managed to develop 25 ways of efficient and effective learning, called the Goldilocks Principle. The most basic way was an immediate feedback since this let the students expand their boundaries to their learning. I sincerely hope that the Goldilocks Principle will support countless educators, and thus, enable others to maintain both a sustainable and “easier” life.



Jerry Rim 14th Oct. 2015