What is learning? Some people define it as the act of learning new knowledge, and some people say that every moment in our life is a part of learning. These definitions are all correct since everything that makes our thoughts develop is the process of learning.

Yet, there is an interesting fact that we tend to forget. We learn from many places including school and work, but we don’t usually think about the ‘sources’ of the materials that we are learning from.

Things that we learn are the knowledge that are built by many people over centuries. How long do you think it took for Pythagoras to prove his equation? For Plato to diffuse the Platonic Idealism? For Einstein to generalize his theory? For Alfred Wegener to come up with the idea of Pangea? It must have taken a lot of time and effort.

We learn in the classroom with teachers’ simple explanation, but we never think about the time and effort it took for the scholars to come up with new theories and generalizations. Therefore when we learn, it is very important to understand such effort and try to feel the excitement that the scholars felt when they were developing the theory. If we keep this in mind, we will be able to have more fun learning experiences and feel gratitude about our great learning environment.

By Irene Jung On Oct. 14. 2015.