Some time ago, a psychologist called Abraham Maslow presented to the world the

Pyramid of Hierarchy of Needs. With that he claimed that the basic needs a human will

need to live will be the physiological needs such as air to breathe in, water to drink, food to

eat, and so on. According to Maslow, human beings cannot survive without such things

being guaranteed to them. In addition, he then suggested that once those very basic

needs were guaranteed, the safety needs (the financial security, health, and well-being)

were to be required. People cannot possibly live a prosperous life without such elements in

his or her life.


As it can be seen in the previous paragraph, health does play a big and an

important role in one’s life. Because health is significant, people are injected vaccines, and

lots exercise in the morning and have concerns regarding their diet. Yet, although most

people pay good attention to their physical health, lots ignore their mental health. Mental

health is as important as the physical health in our body, and people should be cautious of

keeping their mental health in a good state as well.


When people catch a cold or an illness, they go to the hospital and they receive

medicine from the doctor. Like this, there are direct cures for illnesses which people can

see right away. However, when a person is mentally ill, it is hard to deal with. When a

person is mentally ill, they usually have too much stress, and they are unable to deal with

even the simplest problems. Basically, they live each day because they were born, and

because they have to. Such phenomenons are hard to cure as there are no special

medications. Then, what is the best solution? How can the people who are mentally ill cure

themselves specifically?


It is true that there are no medicines for those who are mentally ill, but there actually

is something that will help the patients get better: gratitude. Gratitude is an attitude where

people show that they are being thankful and that they actually appreciate what is given to

them. People receive massive amounts of stress when they are not satisfied with their

current situation, or when things simply do not work. It is absolutely true that there will be

moments in everyone’s lives where it is frustrating, but it is still important and necessary to

feel gratitude towards our lives and be thankful for it. Life doesn’t owe people anything –

people were not born because they wanted to be born, but still, they should appreciate

everything that was given to them. People were chosen to be born, and they should know

how to show their thanks.


In everyone’s lives there are happy moments as well as sad moments and

sometimes those sad moments are devastating and unbearable. However, if people try

even just a little to be grateful about the happy things that happen in their lives, their lives

will become even more healthy and happy.


— Irene Jung Y9 Jeoji —