Anemia is a disease that is caused by the lack of iron, red blood cells and hemoglobin in the body. As the most common blood disease in the US, it affects more than 3.5million Americans while women, young children and people with chronic diseases are at increased risk. Due to the symptoms such as severe headaches, it would with no doubt, critically affect one’s daily live.

Surprisingly, there is one country that has more than 50% of its population suffering from anemia.


Meet Cambodia.

Looking at this surprising rate, it is hard to imagine what it would be like in Cambodia. Perhaps, you may think all they would need is some medicine. However, it is not that simple because of the high prices the local people cannot afford.


This changes due to a phenomenal idea suggested by a Canadian ‘Christopher Charles ‘.

As he was wondering about different ways to ingest iron, he learns that boiling food with iron can increase the amount of iron.

(With irons of qualified procedures)


From that, he invents the Lucky Iron Fish.

Since fish traditionally symbolized luck in Cambodia, the design of it took part in familiarizing its use between people whilst cooking food,

The Results were significant.

Since Christopher Charles’s invention, prevalence of anemia decreased by 50% as over 5million people recovered to to enjoy happy and healthy lives. Because the iron from the fish were also mined from places in Cambodia, it was convenient, reliable and sustainable. The packaging was also done in local companies which created more jobs for people in Cambodia.

This project which made a significant difference in the lives of Cambodians has been awarded for its devotion to a better world with kindness.


Compared to plain medicine, Christopher Charles’s idea of an iron fish is innovational and has significantly affected millions of people. Because of Christopher’s intention to change the world, his one thoughtful idea was an innovation for the local people in Cambodia for generations.

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